Child Dedication

Part of what we do at Discovery to help foster a young child's spiritual growth is to offer child dedication. This is an act that allows parents the opportunity to say before a community of people, "I am committed to doing my part to help my child discover the love of God that is offered in Jesus Christ." When we dedicate children to God at Discovery we are giving you, the parent, a chance to affirm five spiritual commitments:

  • I affirm my faith in Jesus and renew my dedication to live for him.
  • I believe that my child is a gift from God and that he/she has been born to experience God's love and to serve him.
  • I will pray regularly for my child and for God to direct me as I raise him/her.
  • I will attempt to model Christian life so that my son/daughter may be led by my example.
  • I will bring my child up to know Jesus and will help him/her to begin a faith journey of their own when they are able to make that decision for themselves.

If you would like to dedicate your child, or if you have any questions, please contact Stacie Salva.

The Regional Learning Alliance • 850 Cranberry Woods Drive • Cranberry Township, PA 16066 • (724) 779-1010