October 28 - November 3 Prayer Requests

Continue to be in Prayer for our city, the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, and the Tree of Life Synagogue. Ask God to reveal to you ways we can help bring healing in this time of shock and mourning.

Jim and Sherry Dykes: Continue to pray for healing while George is in rehab; Sherry’s dad in assisted living is not eating, prayers for peace for him and our family.

Beckie Herzig: Confidence in steps

Debbie Cincala: John Woods found that the cancer has spread. They have to make a few decisions on care, he has anywhere between 6 -18  months to live based on decisions. Please pray for Lisa, LJ and John as they go through this together. It's been a shock for the whole family.

Donna Rice: Answers and help for Doug

Bev Speicher: Pray for my son Kevin who just found out he’ll need to have open heart surgery.

Doreen George: Please pray for my mom. She has her surgery scheduled for November 1st to replace her pacemaker/defibrillator, but she keeps being admitted to the ER with arrhythmia.

Beth Brethauer: Multiple masses have been found on my esophagus and in my chest. Please pray for the doctors as they figure it out.

Ali Christie: A friend from high school lost his father this week. He has two younger brothers and they lost their mother just a few years ago. Three brothers in their 20s that have lost both of their parents already.

Alex Scott