November 25th - December 1 Prayer Requests

Karlyn Balfour - Please pray for my Grandma. She will turn 103 next month. She was told a few weeks ago that she has terminal bed sores that means her body is shutting down. They said she had 2 wks to 2 mos left to live. My Dad , Grandma and all of our family are having a hard time with this news. We know she has lived a great life, but it is still hard for us to hear.  She asked us to request prayers.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Donna Rice - Please lift Doug up to the Lord. Strength for healing.

Beckie Herzig - Safe travels for holiday travelers, my sister

Mark and Mikki Bitzer - Prayers for my coworker Samantha Harrison whose husband passed away from colon cancer this past week; continued prayers for friend Mark who is fighting cancer.

Sarah Berry Ann - Please keep my step-Dad, Roger, and my mother in your prayers as Roger was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. He will be having a CAT scan next week to see if it has spread.  Please pray that the cancer hasn’t spread, and for healing and strength. 
Roger is also in the middle of taking care of his ailing aunt in FL, driving back and forth to WV often, and my Mother takes care of her mother in Va., driving there every 3 weeks.  They are both very active and this is a huge blow for all of us.

Travis Rogan