If you’d like like to be a part of a future season of Rooted either in the Fall or Summer, let us know! Remember this is a high commitment experience (see below). Here’s the plan for days of the week, but your input may influence this.

Summer (June 18th - August 20th), Tuesdays
tentative schedule below

Fall (September - November), Mondays

Winter (January - March), Thursdays

Have you ever wondered what God is really like and how you can communicate with him regularly? Maybe you wonder why churches exist and gather weekly? Are you looking for a better sense of purpose? Rooted is a powerful starting point for answering each of these questions. That’s why we encourage everyone at Discovery to make experiencing Rooted a priority. It’s the front door and the first big step to fully engage with our community and mission.

Rooted is an 10-Week experience that develops a deep, lasting connection with God, the Church, and your purpose. It’s a catalyst for life-change, helping you find your place in the story of God. By introducing and developing 7 Rhythms, Rooted guides you in establishing a transformational lifestyle.

ROOTED Rhythms Flat.png
Rooted Rhythms.png

The Rooted Experience includes daily meditations, weekly group conversations, a prayer experience, an experience serving our community, and a final celebration. Just like anything worth doing in life, you’re going to get out what you put into it. It’s a high-commitment opportunity that asks you to invest your time, energy, and even some finances. The cost is $40 and includes a book, your facilitator(s) training and resources, childcare for large group events, & a meal at the celebration (which you will not want to miss). We also ask that you do your best to make as many gatherings of your Rooted group as possible. If you expect to miss more than two, please consider committing to Rooted during another season.

If cost or attendance will be problematic for you, don’t hesitate to contact us directly, so we can consider some options together. Our priority is to help you and our groups get the best possible results form this experience.

We will consistently offer Rooted as an opportunity for anyone…whether they’re a part of Discovery or not…to connect with God, the church, & their purpose. If you can’t do it this Winter/Spring, we’d highly encourage you to consider Rooted during an upcoming season.



The Rooted Experience includes daily meditations, weekly group conversations, a prayer experience, an experience serving our community, and a final celebration. Here’s a brief overview of the basic time frame and crucial dates to fully engage Rooted.

  1. LAUNCH NIGHT // June 18th

  2. WHO IS GOD? // June 25th

  3. HOW DOES GOD SPEAK TO US? // July 2nd
    & PRAYER EXPERIENCE**// Week of July 2nd


  5. THERE IS AN ENEMY? // July 16th

  6. HOW CAN I MAKE THE MOST OF MY LIFE? pt. 1 // July 23rd

    & SERVE EXPERIENCE** // Week of July 23rd

  7. HOW CAN I MAKE THE MOST OF MY LIFE? pt. 2 // July 30th

  8. HOW DOES GOD VIEW MONEY? // August 6th*

  9. WHY & HOW SHOULD I TELL OTHERS? // August 13th


* All groups will gather together on three occasions at the RLA for important elements of Rooted. These will be Sunday nights from 6-8 pm. Childcare will be provided. The Celebration will include a meal, at the other gatherings there will be light snacks.

** There are two experiences your group will organize around your regular group meetings. These are incredible opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to do your best to work around schedules or keep weekends open to take advantage of these opportunities.


What do the “Daily Meditations” look like?
Rooted includes a book and asks participants to engage in a 15-20-minute reading that includes passages from the books of the Bible, engaging thoughts, and an opportunity to respond 5 days a week. It’s like homework, but way more accessible, meaningful, and deeply insightful.

What are the 2 outside experiences?
All Rooted groups will do a Prayer Experience and a Serve Experience. Each take about 3 hours. Your group will work to determine the best dates during the designated week.

How is Rooted related to Journey Groups?
Rooted is an experience that’s worthwhile for everyone, no matter how long they’ve been following Jesus. We want it to help shape the spiritual journey of everyone at Discovery now and in the future. In the Winter/Spring of 2019, we’re asking all our Journey Groups to invest in this experience. That might mean a few changes for some groups, but many of them will continue to include the same members during and/or after Rooted. We will be asking some leaders to take a season to lead a Rooted group outside of their normal Journey Group. We may prayerfully consider to send some members and leaders in some groups to help plant a new group. Rooted is intended to shape and start long-term Journey Groups.

Will my Rooted Facilitator also lead my Journey Group?
Not necessarily. The role of a Rooted facilitator is to guide participants through Rooted and help establish long-term Journey Groups. Someone else in your group may be asked to become your Journey Group Leader.

How will Rooted impact Discovery long term?
We expect Rooted to unleash spiritual transformation in our community whether it’s a recalibrating experience for a lifelong Christian or an introduction to who God really is. We want as many people as possible in our community to experience Rooted for themselves, so we can all establish better rhythms that enable us to thrive in our journeys following Jesus. It will deepen groups, empower leaders, and catalyze us in serving Pittsburgh. We want Rooted to be one of the first things people who join our community experience and even an option for anyone in our community to experience again and again.

Is Rooted a Bible Study?
Rooted is not just a Bible study, but it is a group spiritual experience that will boost you toward a deeper and more meaningful life. It also provokes questions and conversations between imperfect people wanting to know Jesus better. It will launch each of us out of our comfort zones and into a life with Jesus unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

Where did Rooted come from?
There are many churches from many backgrounds using Rooted to help shape the spiritual journey of people connected to their community. This is a recent, American edition, however, of a similar experience that started in Kenya. Rooted is part of an international movement that finds its legacy dating back to the earliest churches in the world.

What is the attendance requirement? 
The 10-week Rooted experience is 12 total sessions; 10 on your normal selected group time and 2 outside experiences with your group.. Rooted participants are asked to attend all outside sessions and miss no more than 2 weeks of the regular sessions.

What if I miss more than 2 of the regular sessions?
Life happens! We get it. The whole Rooted experience important, though. If you end up missing more than two, we’ll probably reach out and see if a future session would be better for you to really get the whole experience. If you know you’ll have commitment issues going into it, but want to do it with your current Journey Group, don’t hesitate to reach out (select “more questions?” below), so we can help you figure out the best experience for you and your group!